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Thursday, October 25, 2007

super no mood today...
quarrel with my bendan last nitez
first is about he playing game and do ting half way though
second is he scream at mi
super angry lor..
he alway like tat de lor...
got game den will totally ignore mi 1 lor...
tat y i dun reali like him play game so much..
ya i noe he dun like i nag at him but who like...he do ting half way den i kanna say by his parents
especially his ah-ma,super like do ask mi ask him do ting
i'm not maria
i dunno how to phase it but i juz dun like it..
i see auntie do so much ting reali pity her somemore her two sons dun even help up
especially the youngest 1...
oldest 1 will do if call him to do so is beta la
but both alway say tired tis tired tat den auntie and mi not tired meh..
wake up earlier den them reach home later den them too
still gonna do so much stuff especially auntie lor tat y i dun mind doing thing for her
but everytime i see them playing games den both of us doing stuff berry piss off de lor...
i noe my bendan see mi like tat he oso heart pain
but when he see game where got mi 1...
morning i wrote him a note asking dun bother to msg or call mi today
i dun feel like talking to him
but too bad before i left home he read the note liao
i still ignore he la till now still give him cold shoulder...
he tml off so i juz ask him so send mi to work la den he reply wat i wan him to do after he send mi to work...den he say he send mi home...
i oso wun wan him to early in the morning to send mi to work de la
all i wan is how he ans mi de mar
he juz dun get it..
ya i noe i too sometime dunno wat he wan
i dunno la...
i juz piss off so everything i not happy...haiz..
should be ok tonitez ba

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