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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Everything went well and fine tis whole weeek!!!
though it's kinda quiet coz some of our colleagues have left the company
but beside tat everything went ok ba..
onli abit busy..
i'm berry busy and stress..
haiz...but still ok ar beta den i got nothing to do
slack too much ppl see le oso no good mar
so sianz been gaining weight instead of losing weight lor...
i reali nv put in effort man
i'm laazy too..
but i already set a target for myself by the end of tis month at least 3kg shed of my body
so this weekend onward i'm going to drag bendan follow mi go gym
or even his hse downstair run run oso good..
i reali dun like running but i got to do it if i reali wanna my beauty..
please encourage mi instead of pouring cold water
please tell mi i can do it
please stop all my craving...
please please please..
currently mi now at work...finally done with all my billing
another week had pass again so soon so fast..
please let my weekend pass as slow as possible but i noe impossible lor...
i'm tired of working
but i cannot dun work coz i'm money face 1
too bad...

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