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Saturday, November 24, 2007

As i was saying in my last BLOG,i went watch movie yesterday with my baobei bendan...
we miss the 710 show den as i dunno wat time my bendan reaching so didn't go buy the ticket first so in the end 900 show already left the front seat mar
instead we catch the 940 show but still left the second front seat beta den nothing lo
who ask mi wanna eat the cheezy hotdog as yesterday it selling at $1 each mar...
lucky it's a berry nice goody show tat it's worth my money
if not sure more complain de lor...
after the show,mi and my bendan kept singing the songs tat played in the show..
the show reali worth to watch
so guys go watch it
i'm sure u guys will love it too...
My weekend
weekend come so fast and steady
it's juz a blink it's Saturday once again
later of coz meeting up my bendan going nee ann city for the singtel roadshow
and gonna go seng siong buy food for tml steamboat as i'm treating all to eat mar hee
if not paiseh mar kept staying at ppl hsse muz at time treat my bendan family eat 1....
tonight i cooking pasta for them to eat too
berry long nv cook liao lor
hope i remain my standard but i noe sure berry nice 1
left 1 more hr i going home
somemore feel tat today morning time pass super doper slow lea...
maybe i juz bored or even juz looking forward for tonight pasta and tml steamboat le
haha how to lose my weight like tat!!!

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