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Friday, November 23, 2007

Finally off work liao but i stay back for awhile to blog
suan pian wait for my bendan lo!!!
he suddenly told mi,he maybe cannot off work so early when i already told his grandma not to cook liao paiseh to call again mar
may as well juz wait for my bendan lo who ask mi wanna watch movie 'Enchanted' and the cheezy hotdog $1 each for today usual price $2 lor so expensive sia..
dunno my bendan wat time finish his work lea
impossible ask mi stay here doing nothing,using net mar...
boring leh...
mi now still staying over at my bendan hse
ppl will ask:" U wun paiseh de meh"
"wat if u and yr bf blow off"
I noe it well tat mi and my bendan are moving smoothly and well
though at time we kept quarreling..
as for paiseh ting?
of coz i paiseh la somemore is berry paiseh
but do i have the choice?
my mum side,my sis already move all my ting aside
plus my daddy and bendan family dun like i stay with my mum...
actually at first should be staying over at my ah gong hse de but hee
first.. is berry far i mean the journey
second is there no air-con,i too use with air-con liao
third is no water heater
last but not least i can't bared to leave my bendan
(sound crazy but it's true,i fall into too much lo)
but actually everytime i got tink of moving with my ah gong de but hee
my bendan kept brain wash mi to stay
somemore i kept ask my bendan when we getting marry tis and tat de lor
coz i wanna move to my own hse
I juz getting crazy over alot of stuff

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