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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finally i start to use my new phone last nitez...
kinda piss off with it at the way beginning sia
coz too use to nokia phone liao now gonna get use with sony ericsson phone
somemore the media super hard to use sia...
my bendan's brother reali good with it...
he reali noe how to use it
watever i dun get it,he noe it lor
but okay la
i noe i gonna get use with it soon as i super clever mar
dun vomit ar coz i noe it's true haha
no matter wat
i still love my phone W910i
most importantly is mi and my bendan same phone same design same colour lea...
mi and my bendan now are getting beta and closer and loving too
i reali treasure this relationship so much
i wun allow anyone anybody to destory it
- nothing went wrong between mi and my bendan i juz wanna write nia
Bendan baobei...
no matter wat happen in the future
i promise i wun even try to end this wonderful dream in my life
will u promise mi too?
though there's alway up and down between us
though we still quarrel over tiny little stuff
though sometime i reali piss of - of coz not u la
though and though and though
but i noe tis kind of stuff wun come into us rite

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