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Monday, November 26, 2007

Saturday went Nee Ann City there to queue at the Singtel fair...
mi and my bendan waited for 3hrs
happily waiting,playing with my bendan when finally it's our turn
but guess wat?
The lady over there tell us tat we can't do any transfer at roadshow,
we muz go singtel shop at taka and blame us for not telling the front desk ppl tat we doing transfer when we already tell and even ask them for it man.
even the ger who help us filling up the form,but watever we ask,she reply us,
'I tink so but ask at the counter'
watever we ask,all ask the counter,didn't expect when it's our turn at counter is we can't do transfer at all...
of coz we get piss off liao la
waited for so long yet can't get any phone,i juz storm toward the hello shop
in the end
the guy was so rude to my bendan making super piss off sia
he juz ans my bendan tat over there we still gonna wait 3 more hrs for tat too
hello,how many donkey hrs they expect mi to wait sia somemore super doper rude
wat kind of customer service is tat sia...
we went back to the roadshow there and ask the lady who ask us to go down
in the end onli i get the phone lo
if not wasted,queue for so long nv get anything at all...
after the whole thing was like 5 plus liao,we still gonna go Sheng Siong buy food for Sunday
we spend almost 70 bucks lo for sunday steamboat..
okay la...tis week i gettting pay liao
On sunday,all of us woke up early to go singtel shop again
my bendan and his bro getting phone too mar
i tot we will be beryy early in the end there's more early bird too
if i'm not wrong there 15 ppl in front of us,ok la at least dun have to wait for another 3 more hrs
my bendan and his bro too buy W910i
which mean,mi,bendan and his brother all use same phone haha
we were so excited lor
immediately when we reach home we charged our phone which mean we gonna wait till 12mn
let wait lo..
den of coz prepare for steamboat
after the steamboat,busy time liao...coz the whole place so smelly and oily as we eat BBQ steamboat mar...it's nice to eat but will after eating cleaning up berry jialet de..
finally is relax time...
oh forget to mention my bendan's mummy sign up for SCV
cool rite
but tink dun have my favourite taiwan show - luo zhi xiang and xiao gui de
but okay la at least got alot more show to watch lea...

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