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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yesterday meet up with my ITE buddies
all still haven't change sia
suddenly so miss school life style sia
We went eat at Clar Jr and met Alan's gf lo
finally he got gf le lor...
Actually as all the next day gonna work or study
so we onli meet up for like 2hr plus onli lor
though it short
but i reali enjoy the times
so surely will organize again
but dunno will come anot lo
Of coz my bendan join us last nitez as all noe each other
my bendan wear till berry handsome sia
i was so shock too hee
anyway no matter how my bendan wear
he alway so handsome de lor
reali love him so much sia
Last nitez his mummy gave mi a early christmas gift
A pooh bear mug for mi to bring to work to drink coffee
i where she de sia
it's reali berry nice
i mean bendan's mummy and oso the mug la
now i gonna headache wat to buy for her liao
this month i oso spend quite alot sia
haiz how to save up like tat
not i wanna spend lor but i gonna yang myself and my bendan too hee
he read this sure dun wanna mi to pay for ting liao
but i willing to pay 1 as i earn more mar
next time is he who gonna pay for everything de lor
fang cang sian liao de yu..
noe wat i'm trying to say mar

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