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Monday, December 3, 2007

To She....her...
wat reali had happen...could anyone tell mi...
suddenly you juz MIA juz like tat
did i did anything wrong...
or did i say anything wrong?
but i rem..i berry long nv talk to liao leh
is our friendship end juz like tat
i dun wish too...
even wanna end it at least could let mi noe wat had happen
i read yr blog
it's juz make puzzled
it is referring to mi,i dunno,i reali dunno
but it's true tat i msg u,u nv reply mi nor ans my call
i reali dunno wat to say
even it's not referring to mi
y u nv reply my msg or even my call even my email too
i juz sad....juz disapointted
perhap u got problem...u got trouble
y didn't u tink of mi
i willing to lend my ear to u
i'm reali sad
Are we still frenz sia?
could u juz tell mi?
even not face to face
at least email or msg ba...
if u wanna mi to die,at least should let mi noe the reason before i die ba...
i dunno will u read my mail,will u noe i'm trying to let u noe through my blog
i reali dunno about alot of ting
watsoever liao....
it's juz so suddenly...
i reali dunno wat to say liao...

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