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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

@-he just dun get it-@
we quarrelled again last sunday. It was the most frastruate day man. The word nearly spilled off my mouth. Perhap this another reason y i kept dun wan to stay over at his hse. It berry different one. I mean the way he treats mi. I sure if i'm not staying with him at least he wun take mi for granted but i'm confident we qill quarelled even more often. So wat reali is in my mind? Sorry bendan...i'm sorry for being so childish,petty and short temper but it isn't wat i wan too.I had change alot, ya is change for the the better but i noe it's not enough.But Do u noe it's berry tiring when i'm been trying hard to change yet u had more thing more mi to change. And till now,u dun even change wat i wan u to change lor. Isn't it unfair? I ask u to change not for the sake of myself onli leh is oso for yr family lor. Dun u tink tat nowadays especially since i go over and stay with u,u seldom tink of mi? Did u tink of mi when u are lazy wanna slack about playing yr games, I get to do everything.I'm human too I too wanna slack wanna be lazy but i can't.
Do u noe i nv been so tired before? It berry pissed off when i' doing work when other all did nothing at all. Now i understand 1 word - u nv noe how hard the thing is until u are into it!
This feww days or even weeks i been anyhow tink lor perhap maybe thank to my colleagues ba. Their bf been sending them to and fro from work even though they got to go work. I didn't expect u do tat everyday but at least when u not working rite or maybe at least pei wo wake up like i alway do when u work earlier den mi or i off day but instead of pei wo, u wake early juz to play games lo.It's not tat i dun like u to play but muz control de mar. I dunno wat u may tink after reading this la but i hope it's for the beta la hee...but no matter wat u alway my bendan beobei. nothing can change this fact..

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