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Thursday, December 6, 2007

it's over
juz over...
i reali cannot stand it anymore

last tuesday went over to Bendan's base
their family day...
abit boring la as my bendan kept join his frenz left mi and his parents behind
aiya i already use to it liao lor
something great was tat we gonna the chance to get so close to F16
so cool man
we even got the chance to get inside the plane
but too bad i scare lea dun dare to go in
in the end make my bendan piss off lea
lucky in the end okay liao
if not i sure going to 'fa biao' wahaha
another great ting was we gonna go up to their base tower
the tower to view the whole area plus see plane this and tat like wat we see in the movie
berry cool seldom got tis kind of chance to go 1 lor
too bad cannot take pic
ya 1 more ting
we gonna chance to sit in the fire engine
once in a life time man
it's reali great to go there lor
thank bendan...
another day had pass
my annual juz pass so fast and quick
i still haven't enjoy finish lea
can time move slowly when i'm not working
but faster when it's time to get pay
fat hope rite

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