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Friday, December 21, 2007

Rite now i super angry with my colleague
tat stupid 'TauWU'
he and his stupid mouth...
is the operation side who mis-look the period of the ticket
for wat say is account fault...
I only order according wat given mi,how i noe how much needed...
say till berry easy juz keep 10 in stocks
he work here so long liao
dun he noe child tickets seldom use 1 meh
the ticket will expire in 3 months(if i'm not wrong)
who going to pay for it?
is he?
of coz wun ok u tink he so great meh...
i reali piss off lor...
he got car leh can't he juz go and take it
not as if wan him to pay mar
lazy juz say la dun say not free, dun give all those stupid excuses
he tink he's funny but i tink he make himself like an idiot joker
i dunno i juz dun find his joke funny but stupid
anyway my colleagues all gone case 1 lucky account still normal if not...
who care
i juz do my work and get my pay
i not going to care much

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