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Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm eating snake once again
dun like tat la finally i can at least slack abit leh...
been rushing off all my invoice coz it's going be another long weekend after Christmas
It's like going end of the year liao
time flies reali fast and it's like going end of 2007 lo
2008 is coming like another 2 days
i got alot of wonderful Christmas presents man
i should say i'm like berry surprise
Thank every1...
Bendan, pls dun tink so much la
u already given mi a berry wonderfull present le mar
W910i rem!
I reali love it no worry
u already spend so much how am i suppose to ask for another present u tink i so greedy meh
or maybe i am?
hope u like the contact len which cost mi a bomb hor
so much wear it if u feel heart pain for mi...
berry fast another 20 days u will be flying to thailand liao left mi all alone for 2 weeks haiz
got to go find my Prince for this 2 weeks
if we can meet up la
Yesterday went watch 'The Warloads' with my bendan
not bad lor
but not reali tat fantastic as wat my frenz told mi
still i did enjoy the show...
I like the guy 'Wu Yang' in the show
to mi,he is the hero instead though he's berry funny in the show
Tml is my off day SAturday once again
another long weekend as monday oso half day mar
cool rite
but too many days off kinda lazy to go work
but once at work,i busy like hell lor everything i got to do lor...
anyway at this Coming New Year..
I hereby wishing all my frenz and family
Happy New Year!!!
Enjoy holiday...
and may all my wishes come true the coming year...

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