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Thursday, December 13, 2007

the tattotist
went to watch last nitez
hee i got complimentary ticket for 1 onli la so bendan gonna pay
but it's onli like 7 bucks
okay la
the show worth watching lo
not scary but disgusting lo
imagine the skin kanna peel off
wat do you u tink haha...
den imagine kanna tatto till u die
oh my god
finally auntie,uncle are back from holiday
they went to vietam for holiday,enjoy life rite,throw everything to mi la
see la i got high blood pressure lo
too bad cannot go airport fetch them as their fight is 2pm and i'm rite here working lo
tink tonight will got good food ba
coz last time when they come back from korea oso got mar
i dunno la
all i noe i berry sad coz i still cannot go oversea
when is my turn man
been looking forward and forward
from sept till dec
now gonna wait till next year june liao lor
i noe la it's oso good la
can save up more den can shop more la but i feel like going asap lo
maybe becoz i nv took the plane b4 mar
abit over excited i noe
too bad my bendan cannot go so i gonna pei him
i dun care next year june i muz go..maybe two countries...
hong kong is for sure
and maybe thailand
so gonna save even more
i muz control my hand not to spend so much buy so much thing liao

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