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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year to every1 out there...
kinda late wishes but beta den nothing rite
been busy sticking together with my bendan from eve till haha even now lor..
juz miss him too much liao
juz wanna treat him well
juz wanna spend more time with him
juz feel we getting closer
even closer liao
we been berry loving since the day he came back
hope tis will go on and on...
Yesterday went out lunch with my colleagues
kinda touched lor
they treat mi eat lunch at forget which restaurant
eat their porridge buffet...
not bad leh
can go try eat and it's berry cheap leh
5.90++ onli leh
ermz...den they too bought mi pooh bear puppet
so cool rite..
i gonna treat them eat next week...
Meet up bendan at 630pm
go catch the 725pm show 'CJ7'
oh my goodness it's reali a great show
can't imagine tis minute i laugh till i drop
next minute i flood the treatre...
i reali like the show
next show i gonna watch the basketball show by jay
and ah long pte ltd
i'm not going to miss it
bendan bring mi go eat at 'Ajiensan' raman restuarant
too bad i dunno how to spell
so sorry hee
bendan noe can liao
the food there not bad and oso not berry expensive lea
we celebrate our belated 29th month anniversary
tml gonna celebrate Valentine's day liao
dunno where to eat lea
how ar...
anyway i given him present yesterday liao
so now is he owe mi liao
i bought him Jay world tour taipei concert dvd plus dunno wat pouch
look expensive but it's onli cost mi $27.90
but guess wat
i saw at Tampines MJ
it's cost $32.90 leh
it's more expensive lor somemore i buy at MJ too but at Tiong Bahru de
lucky i nv tink twice b4 i buy for bendan
if not i sure regret de...
today my another colleague,manager
treat us eat golden pillow
as my farewell lunch
not too bad lea
thank every1 for treating so good but sorry i gonna go

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