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Thursday, February 14, 2008

today is Valentine's day leh...
somehow dunno wat to buy for bendan
so tink tonight i treat him eat dinner
actually i already given him the Jay world tour dvd le mar
as our anniversary cum valentine present
but tinking i wanna it to be berry unforgettable de mar
we tinking go Cafe Cartel to eat
we reali had no where to go liao
somemore we tml still gonna work so cannot go out too late if not later tml sure berry tired de
actually i wanna bring him go Swissotel merchant court
eat their buffet
but their reservation fully booked liao
so too bad lor
can't wait for tonight liao
though i had no present for bendan
maybe tonight see how i go buy if i got see any nice stuff
prehap jay cd lor
which he wanna to buy 1 mar...
i hate my hair man
with those fizzy dry hair
lucky it's all hidden inside so no1 will noe it
but i juz dun like it..
sooner if i cannot stand it i gonna cut it all short liao
but i wanna do wavy curly again lea but now with such a short hair how to make
of coz not like tat time my hair la
i doing big wave big curl 1
see how ba..

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