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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh it's Saturday once again...
kinda sianz sianz at work
morning bendan pei wo go eat breakfast
eat my favorite wanton noodles
so long bendan nv pei wo eat breakfast liao
thank bendan for waking up early in the morning juz to pei wo eat
yesterday take urgent leave staying back at home
can say doing nothing
but is actually i wanna pei bendan
coz i tot he go Expo tat air show will be back early
but in the end
he going out with his frenz
so i stay at home lo
dunno y since he back from Thailand i been sticking berry close with bendan
tink reali miss him too much liao lor
now every night i need him beside mi den i can slp lor
mushy rite
but i oso dunno y
Thank bendan for sticking with mi
loving mi with all yr might
I reali love u so so so much....
Recently read lots of news
especially news casting Edison de
somehow last time i quite like his show de lor
but recently he became berry famous once again
the AV guy
even at work oso been talking about him lor
so cute rite
every1 had their own point of view lor
dun be surprise there's reali lots of view lor
i dun tink they can'y juz blame onli Edison
isn't the women at fault too
is themselves wanna take all those pics
do all those stunts
oh anyway it's none of my business too
it onli my point of view
no offence kayz...

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