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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today i took off again...
Firstly is Bendan off day today
wanna spend my day with him
if not i start new job liao cannot like today liao
reali no mood to work liao lor
maybe becoz it's my second last day at work liao ba
at least mi now beta liao lor
wun MIA leh
anyway i go work oso nothing much to liao lor
all teach the new ger
who learn super doper slow
they offer so high pay yet like tat
so wat if she is a A-level student waiting for result
my boss still say becoz he had higher cert. so offer her higher pay
bullshit rite
she oso no experience mar
somemore learn so slow
i dunno la
anyway i'm leaving liao
i dun have to care so much liao mar
will consider coming back when they would offer mi 1.5 and above ba
'lion open it big mouth'
finally tml last day liao
dun tink can alway update my blog liao
coz bigger company
more ppl around cannot play play liao
anyway i can train hard to be more responsible
and more OL
which my Bendan will love it
Later will be going watch Ah Long Pte Ltd
i watch the CJ7 and KungFu dunk
both super doper nice
hopefully Ah Long wun disappointed mi lor
next week or tis Sat going watch L change the world

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