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Saturday, August 24, 2013

❤ Nuffnang ❤ Discuss.sg ❤ Adsense

I'm staying at home on a Saturday 
PT maid can only come up in the noon so cannot go out
Bendan Hubby been playing games since morning
I been tidying my hse before PT maid reach
(PT maid only help mi with ironing the clothes, sweeping and mopping the floor nia)
I still have to tidy up here and there
my hse look so messy
Move in my new hse for 1 year plus le 
most of our stuffs still in the boxes
mainly because it's all books and things we dun usually will use it
my studyroom not yet done up
Hub and I think that we can slowly take our time to it 
we will only held our wedding banquet next year 
baby making in 2015
This way, we will only need the room in 2 years time
Kinda excuses la..
Back to the stay home Sat~~
Recently has been berry active in blogging 
Hope will continue this way
Just added Nuffnang/Adsense today 
seem easy 
but not sure about my traffic
I should blog more posts to keep the traffic in
If possible
Just click on the ABs
I'm sure you can see all sorts of advertisements
which can benefit you

I just get hook on Discuss.com.sg
Simply click on the referral link below to join

(Appreciate if you dun delete my referrer id ~ jeanrin)
We can earn credits just by posting, voteing and etc...
Check it out
we may be chatting the next min..

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