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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend ~ Ikea - ing

Weekend is over 
Not like yesterday stay home the whole day
Kinda spend my Sunday well
Went my in-law house for lunch and see see hubby's parents and ah ma
As usual
my in-laws packed super loads of the yummy stuffs for mi
for us lor (hubby will get super jealous de)
since in-laws going to relative's there
hubby and I decided not to go as we need to go Ikea to buy some stuffs to do up our hse
flankly speaking
our hse is kinda messy as we dun have much cupboard to store our stuffs
I believe all new hse is like tat de ba
seem like I always get out of track 
back to the Ikea topic
have snack~ie at Ikea food court
Simply love their chicken wings 
no matter how full we are
we still have to find a seat to sit down and enjoy their chicken wings
Yummy Yummylicous

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