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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

❤Ours 27th birthday❤ The Beaufort Hotel ❤ Universal Studio ❤

Celebrating ours 27th birthday @ Sentosa this year
Simply love it.. ❤❤❤
Hubby decided to have a staycation for our 27th birthday
which we never had before
Been so excited about as we had planned months ago...
We chosen Amara Hotel as I get special rate from the help of my butts..
The room is fantastic
WE love the king-sized bed and most of all the toilet..

King-sized bed at Amara
Super comfy! 

If only I can have this dressing room in my toilet!

Hubby love this bathtub

Us @ Universal Studio
Woohoo! so excited coz it my first time here


Annual Pass for USS
This is how we look like

 Cookoo face
 Busybody Hubby
That's me

Love this the most though I'm not in the good form

Dun think my hubby looks sad 

He looks cute right...
 Pussypussy cat


 Mi with my roasted chicken
This is from the set menu which we get to noe that it's
One for one for annual pass holder
Nv regret getting the annual pass at all
 Hubby with his roasted chicken
Simply yummlious
 Pardon mi
Just wanna say
It's One for One whole day for Annual pass holder
Of course
1 for my hubby and 1 for myself
 My Bendan baobei didn't manage to snap the photo of me
being scare by Hershey's chocolate
❤❤❤ Simply in love with Universal studio though I didn't get to sit most of the rides
due to Hubby scare his glasses flew off
I did enjoy myself especially seeing the mascots
Gonna plan to go back again...❤❤❤

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