Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bangkok ~~~ The third times in 2013

Late update
I been Thailand 3 times this year.. 
I mean last year..
First time with just hubb for our so called pre-honeymoon
Second time with Hubb's friend
Third time with my family and Ai
Though there's some hiccups here and there 
I still enjoy my this trip
Been mentioning hiccups here and there
but never really say wat happened
Flankly speaking
I dun really rem what happen at all
jus rem there's hiccups
Holiday jiu shi yao enjoy de!!!
Again another long post!
XiaoDi, Me, XiaoguZhang, XiaoGu, Daddy and Mummy
missing hubb who help us took this 
missing Ai who busy with her Pandora
missing my bro and wife coz they have to work ~~~ 
Daddy and Mi
The most important Man/s in my life
On the left is my Ai
On the right is my hubb ~ pardon him! who is a little shy!!!
First time with #Flyscoot
ThaiThai on board with us
Lucky him
Now missing mi
Joker Daddy love to pose.. 
Once again
Stay in #GlowPratnuamHotel
Just a few photos of the rooms as I had already posted most of it in my second trip
This time with breakfast
International breakfast
I dun really like it
Because this time with Ai so kinda have even more photos
Is this call #camho
Mi and Diana
hmmm... This is at Glow Pratnuam Hotel, swimming pool area
It's all mi, mi , mi and my loves one
Us at #MaelongTrainStation #Maelongrailwaystation
Kinda great, smelly experience ~ 1 time is enough
All thanks to Ai
we managed to book a local tour 
Best timing 
7am ~ Pick up from hotel
820am ~ Arrive at Maelong railway market
920am ~ Depart Maelong railway market for Damneon Saduak Floating market
10am ~ Reach Damneon Saduak Floating market
12pm ~ Return to bangkok
Maelong railway market is an experience that everyone should at least tried once but once is enough lo.
This market is known as Talad Rom Hoop which meant "umbrella-pulling down market" 
Can guess what we gonna see next ba
Located out of Bangkok
This market is situated right on the railway tracks
Right before the train arrived, the train bell will rings and hawkers have only 3 -5 min to pull down their umbrella, pack stuffs to avoid being hit by the trains

Our driver of the day
Okay next up ~~~ Damneon Saduak Floating market
Recommendation for those who had never go b4
One time is enough
I'm kinda scared when on board 
actually nothing to see nothing to buy
from start to the end 
same things sold same souvenirs sellimg everywhere!
This is so yummlicous lor
Must try this coconut ice cream
Taste much better den #chatuchak market
Cheaper den Chatuchak
Bigger portion too ~~~ Three scoops
Thinking of it!
I missing it already
Next up
#SiamParagon and #Centreworld
Love all this bears and hmmmm... Ronald mcdonald

Us taking Tuktuk
*Random photos*

One more once is enough
Nothing special over here
Dinner Time!
When everyone are so so so hungry and went up to this first jap ramen restaurant 
Matsuri DE Go GO ~ with 55 as logo
Kill mi Pls!!
Dun ever go here
The ramen is cold and soft and yuck
At least the hotplate rice is good if not....

Finally finally finally
Saab Saab wanton mee
How can we miss this when visit to #Thailand
No way
This is too yummy to miss!

At #PlatinumfashionMall
This was the first time we had a great shopping experience
Xiaogu and mummy love it too
I even went back for last min shopping on my last day

***Tired us***
Ai, hubb and mi
3 of us stayed for 1 more night
just for ai to go her chatuchak
so after sending my family 
us Taking the express train to Siam paragon
Much more expensive den the usual but at least it so much faster (non-stop)
(special thanks to Hubb for all the hard-work and coordinating here and there... Love you hubb)
Dinner at #MBK #Fuji
Think this is the best meal we had during this trip
(at least much more quiet and no rushing no hurry)
Something to share, something only locals know, something which we keep questioning Ai
#Chatuchak Night market
As far as I rem~~~I dun really bought alot of things
Just a gentle reminder
Night market only open after 12 midnight
We missed out Union mall again.. 
Coz if we go, wat we gonna do for the 2 missing hrs before midnight!!!
Two things must try at night market
Grilled garlic bread (as shown above) and deep fried fishcake
Back at hotel around 3plus
meaning after wash up and so on
we slept at ard 5plus
We woke up at ard 8 for 'Roast'
It all worth it...
Best Breakfast goes to "Roast" 

Roast Coffee & Eatery

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 10:00 till 23:00, Friday 09:00 till 00:30, Saturday and Sunday 09:00 till 23:00
Location: Roast, 2/F, Seenspace, Thong Lor Soi 13, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0)2 1852866 
Breakfast Menu
Below are what we had order for the three of us
For Ai ~~~ Egg Benedict with bacon
For Mi ~~~ English breakfast with sunny side up
For Hubb ~~~ Pulled pork burger with french fries
For us ~~~ Banana stuffed french toast
Coffee art
Ai , mi and Hubb
Shag shag shag
After breakfast
Chatuchak Market
As weather is killing us (okay... killing mi)
hair wet! face shag! so not going to upload those ugly photos here
Not to be missed 'Pork chop burger'
It so yummy but we are too full to ate it hot
it still taste yummy good when it turn cold
How to find it ~ 就是祝你好运!
Just slow down yr pace when u are at Soi 4 Area 22 

As mentioned in my instagram @jeanrin
Only the small green cabin luggage is mine 
(do you believe it if I tell u I had total of 10 tops, 3 dresses,4 shoes and etc...)
Okay la
Going home time and yes, I miss my home, my bed!

Finally finished blogging about my Thailand trip 
Follow mi at or even instagram @jeanrin for more recent updates..

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Thank you for sharing! U go bkk so many times in a year! So envy :)