Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Random post

Okay !
I know I know...
Haven't been updating
Quite busy with alot of stuffs...
Just came back from Taipei and I already missing it!
I know I know!
Really no time to blog abt it.. 
Will try b4 cny 
If not 
More things hanging there waiting for mi
Back to my busy schedule
I only have 2 weekends before Cny and after my taipei trip...
Last weekend
My parents in laws came and slept over at my hse
And help out with some works at my hse
Without them.. 
I dun think hubb and I can complete all the things so smoothly in just a day...
1st ~ need to clean up our altar
2nd ~ fix up our cupboard bought from Ikea
3rd ~ wall stickers with photos

 My hubb really get enough of mi... taking photos
Look at him..pointing at mi!!!
I wanna thanks my in laws for all their help!
Thank you so much!

 Isn't this fantastic! !
I fallen in love with my house again..
Look just like new house!!
Both of us look different in both photo
But still as loving♡♡
I love you so muchie!
My weekend ended smoothly and fully!
After all the household housework
Hubb and mi rushed over to my ah ma hse
Though hubb was super doper tired, he still accompany mi
Think he knew that I miss my family too as I already 2-3 weeks nv see them le
Another 感动 from my s.mum♡
HOMEMADE cookies, artificial oranges and garlic for cny
Isn't it sweet and lovely?
I feel so fortunate so 幸福 ♡♡
I have my hubb
I have my hubb's family 
I have my family
I have my Ai
I have my friends and colleagues
Wat else to ask for?? 
Thank you!!!
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