Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolutions ♡ Highlights of Jan

Resolutions for 2014!!!???
Resolutions shouldn't be make just end of the year or last day of the year
it should be everyday!
however I do have my resolutions made for 2014

1.  I believe this is kinda common ba... However to mi, I really need a good better complexion for this year Coz my wedding is coming on (Dec 2014) though my skin complexion is not too bad la (*0*")

2. Hair Volume PLSSSS - i had berry fine hair which I dun really like it! If you guys have any suggestion feel free to comment below.. Plsss and thankssss

3. Shed some weight! OH dear...! this is kinda first time in my resolutions.. WOW...! but for the sake of my big day... I had to... but how can i resist the food!!!!

4. Exercise! Kill mi with this... still i really need to get started
5. SAVE $$$ coz after wedding, baby next
6. Travel to more different countries~ I love travelling! What is life without travelling

7. Get real start up on Surprising my Love SML

8. Be more loving wife 

Eight... is that all? this is wat i can think off ba... 

Highlights of January 2014
Next week today I will be in Taiwan *Company trip*
this is the berry first time I had company trip after 12 years of working life
Kinda excited 
sorry hubb for throwing you alone at home once again!
Will buy your fav pineapple tarts back for you okay... 
Be good ar!!
Taiwan here i come once again!!
I really miss Taiwan so so so so much...
After Taiwan, 
next coming up is Chinese New Year...
festive that everyone is looking forward to...
A day for gathering 
A day for all relatives to get around 
A day to chit chat
A day to *Blackjack*
I just can't wait for it....

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Anonymous said...

I where got love pineapple tart??? Hump.....