Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014

Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014.. 
Okay as usual, I skipped my bkk trip and cruising
 photo and oso my xmas's presents too.. 
But Who cares! 
Do you? 
Anyway, same like others... (^_^*)
Monthly Recap of 2013.. 
Paiseh.. this gonna be a berry berry long post!
 I left my 5 years job for a brand new start of 2013...
and da~tang.. happy 1 year anniversary! 
Oh ya...
 I met a group of fantastic lovely colleagues.. it really nice to know this group of friends! 

Hubb's popo left to a new life new world
I really miss her so much 

First year celebrate Cny at new home
First family photo ever
And of coz
My bro's proposal
Yippee *v*
Xiaozhu Luo Zhi Xiang's concert
First ever batam trip with hubb and aiai
JB 2d1n with hubb and aiai
11th is the day I officially in Sg Law being 任太 
Happy 1 year being my hubb's wife
First thailand trip with jus hubb as his wife
Special thanks to Novotel siam square for making our stay lovely unforgettable
***flipping through my organiser. .. seem like nothing much particular. .. 
 june so boring meh!
Actually not really ba... went jb once again.. some family gathering...
It's hubb and mine birthday month... 
I got so much to mention

First ever staycation at The sentosa/the Beaufort
Annual pass for Universal studio
I'm so gonna go uss every month for a year and ya I will nv get tired of it... bleah!!! 

Thanks aiai, colleagues and buddies to celebrate this special day with mi... ♡♡

Batam trip again 
But this time with hubb's friends
It's our 8th years anniversary.. 
Thanks hubb for being there whenever wherever I need you even when I dun... 
I love you!
Hubb's company event at adventure cove
 and of coz I join him 
After so many years... 
At my friend's wedding and happy wedding
Berry first time on plane without hubb but with my colleague, Cat
Feeling weird, scare, lonely and excited
Accountant training at HQ in malaysia 
Below is My colleague in Thailand
She is so cute and friendly lor
Hubb really surprised mi with all his sweetness...
Sweet till I dun even noe he will did tat... 
Saw him standing there to fetch mi hm
He stood there with a welcome paper which wrote
Mrs Yin Yan Ling/任燕玲

Oh btw my father name is Loh... 
Bro big day
Whoopz... photos nv upload due to alot of stuffs coming up... 
Okay I will try to upload for future memories sake
Okay just 1 or 2...
Mi and hubb below..
His fav best shot of the day
 My family shoot missing bro and wife
 Da~tang! !!
My bro and his wife...
I'm so happy for them. .. 
Day after my bro wedding.. 
Bkk once again with hubb friend
Whose gave us a great headache... I shall skip this!
Met my colleague, Bettina and her bf/hubby to be
Book my bridal at Beautiful love, located at Trus street...
Hubb went for nike run
Did a fantastic wedding anniversary for Brenda and her husband
Hope they enjoy their special day with Surprising my Love ~ SML
More things coming up in 2014
Stay tuned

Ai and mi at gardens by the bay 
We too enjoy ourselves while doing the event
Who says working cannot have fun!!!
Busy nov and dec too... 
Nov haven't end yet
It ended with my first time cruising esp with Royal Caribbean
K la k la... 
Nv upload photo too... 
Soon la... 
Some kickoff. .. 

♡♡My favorite month of the year♡♡
Ya once again bkk trip 
This time with my family~first time with my family too
And it's my daddy first time on plane 
Together with ai 
This time Kinda fun compared to the last time with hubb's frenz
Though still there's some hiccups 
Overall is still fantastic, still shiok to max!! 
Love this with my daddy!
Thank daddy for giving mi and my brothers the best... 
I love you daddy!
Yr burdens~~~~ of mi...
yr daughter is pass on to yr son-in-law 
who had taken yr role to give mi all his best
I love you hubb....♡♡♡

One more reason I love about dec
It's Xmas!!
It's a season of giving and loving...
Thanks everyone who had given love to mi...!
I'm done with my long long story 
Happy new year!
May 2014 a fantastic year ahead!!! 

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