Sunday, February 9, 2014

CNY 2014

I love CNY
But 15 days of cny is soon gonna over on this coming Friday. .
Times really flies real fast!
Wat is Cny without manicure and pedicure!
Actually, I'm Not tat happy with my nails still have to make the pic so nice tat I will love it! 
Some flashbacks on wat I wear, wat I do and wat I eat during cny...
Our #ootd for the first day of cny
And both of us wearing our lucky blue, hoping this can 'wang' us!
Us with Hubb's grandma..
First day is the must to go back hubb's hse to 'bai nian' to his grandma and parents..
Our first day of cny was such a busy day for hubb and myself... 
Early in morning.. like 9am took cab to tampines den to hubb's kaiye there to bai bai
Den to Choa Chu kang.. hubb's uncle hse
Last back to amk, my grandma's hse...
This is another reason I love cny!
 Hubb's cousin children.. Aren't they cute!!!
Kendrik ♡ claire ♡ Keith
It really hard to get claire smile on camera esp I'm not usually show face there.. still, I grabbed her to take 1 with mi...
As usual, every month , we had our reunion dinner at my grandma's..
Special part is... this year we having BBQ instead od steamboat..
My big family♡♡
My #ootn of the night. ..
Mi with my love xiaogu
She is so great tat even she already married for like so many years, she still cook for family every weekend and holiday even reunion dinner oso is my xiaogu.. not tat she love it just that she nv do nobody will.. wat to do...! This is another reason I love her so much...!
 My youngest brother and mi with the taiwan sausage which he bbq for mi... ♡♡
 Our yearly affair! A must do after dinner!!
Sob.. yes! I lost.. almost a hundred!  Keke!
Day 2 初二 #ootd
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Long time no see.. ' the queen of gamble'
Finally managed to drag ah ma to play with us and she is so so so cute. . 
Behind tat cutie is my cousin... sexy rite!!!
初三 ~ day 3
Simple ootd but I love it...
Not a berry good day! Had a bad quarrel with hubb and I hate it.. cny quarrel!  Wth right!
Good enough! We got better the next day if not 'shake head'
Pride, ego.... etc all are important but love is the most important to maintain a good relationship and this is wat we have! Love u hubb♡♡
Day 4 ~ 初四 ~ my home
First year cny at my home and I'm excited.. and I prepared steamboat with the help.... of coz my xiaogu... 💋💋💋 ya wat is cny without steamboat!!!
'Salad steamboat' 
All thanks to my daddy.. love u♡♡ 

Day 5 ~ 初五
Nothing much.. coz hubb already started working yest.. managed to ask xiaogu over at my hse and rot togetherness instead of going ah ma and she had cook again ..! Do some online shopping and watch 女人我最大... love the rot~ness! And~~~ I cooked dinner for her, xiaoguzhang , my mum, didi n hubb.. bacon aglio olio... yum yum yummy! Too bad my daddy dun wanna join us...

Day 6 ~ 初六
Yes.. start working on day 6.. Envy ba... pinkish ootd..
初七 ~ day 7
New clothing again..
初八 ~ day 8
Yes I have more den 15 new clothing for my cny... hohoho...! I'm so happy.. I think I gonna stop my ootd liao.. feel so funny taking ootd everyday!
Butts and hubb's colleagues coming up our home... so happy! Too bad.. busy gambling nv take photos!! Whoopz!
初九和十 ~ it's weekend!
Aiyo.. cny is finishing liao lo.. sianz to the max... but still have to make full use of my weekend.. hmmm. . So sat again ah ma hse den sun in law hse...

Coming 5 more days.. nth much ba coz is working weekdays.. except for tues my colleagues hse ans thurs my hse for my colleagues... 

***PS: thinking I should skip my cruise post le, since it already pass 3mths liao... hee.. next coming up.... taiwan.. woooo!!!♡♡♡

Counting down to 14 Feb.... 
Though it's end of cny but it's Valentine's day... 

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