Friday, February 21, 2014

Random * Taiwan * JB

Haiz yo!
CNY already ended
Valentine's day also ended
What else to look for??
Been feeling so down since that day
Forget it..
Life goes on!
Finally updated my Taiwan trip after like 1 month
I'm flying there again in end of apr..
This time with hubb's family and my xiaogu
Air tkts booked
Hotel and minsu booked
Tours booked
Itinerary for hualian taichung cingjing settled
Left itinerary for Taipei
Time really flies fast but can forward till Apr anot..
Especially I miss the weather so much
Too bad the weather in apr will not be cold of coz not hot too..
Good weather to go to too cause can shop more liao...
Friday, it's friday
Had a busy week, finally weekend is here..
My long waited JB trip, even it just a day trip
Still happy
So happy...
Gonna get my nails done
Gonna eat curry fish head
Gonna this gonna that...! 
It's our dating day!
Especially a long sianz day!
Mentioned to hubb that we berry long nv go dating liao even Valentine's day we oso had stay home day..
We had our favorite food at ajisen ramen
Okay my favorite food..
Hubb cheated my feeling. .
Beside the normal dinner, nothing else liao..
And had to stand for hrs..
No la... 
We intro hubb's friend to my bridal shop which I had signed months ago.. 
Beautiful love bridal! 
Same place same roadshow at Vivocity
I believe we can't find any better offer Out there.. 
They still as attractive as before..
Most importantly is the boss
His assurance convince everyone his sincerity. . 
Hope that this recommendation fulfill hubb's friend and his gf needs.
Speaking of which... 
I'm looking forward for ours!!
Happy wedding!  

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