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Taiwan . Taipei . company trip . sunworld dynasty hotel

I had been reminding myself..!
Muz post abt my last cruising in Nov'13
Till now is still in my draft file!
But Taiwan more important ma... 
But still... it's already 1mth lo
^ 0 ^"
I love Taiwan!
This time!
Company trip!
My berry first company trip which I only join them 1 year!
I was with my last company for 5, yes! 5 years
not even a single company trip
Maybe a day trip or just a company dinner
And only one time for each!
Dun talk abt it le la... 
Dunno y I can work there for 5 years!
Okay tat hubb with his grumpy face!
And ya 
He accompanied mi to airport to send mi off..
Sorry hubb to throw u alone at home
No worries
We already will be going in April!
I looked super happy and excited... 
*softly ~ sorry hubb*
My lovely colleagues 
Thanks hubb for helping us taking this shot
Super love this shot
Bettina . Mi . Catherine
We so gonna enjoy ourselves and indeed we did..
Love you girls
Wanna take a good pic oso hard
Photobomb by the guys and Patrick!
I'm looking at the wrong side!
Us on #scoots
As we reached Taipei super doper early (it was like 7 in the morning)
we decided to head to Tamshui after we check in our luggages at the hotel.
My berry first time riding bicyle
I'm super scared and nervous
as I'm not good at cycling, esp my hubb not behind mi...
so hmm...
Melvin 'xi sheng' lo
instead he can enjoy himself cycling by alone
he rode a 2 seaters with mi
Though there's a few dramas happened ~~~ whoopz
Thanks Melvin~~~ Appreciate it alot...
berry good experience!

Nice scenery along the way to the love bridge at Tamshuai
I love the air, the wind, the weather
my friends, my colleagues
We were so hungry after cycling and without any breakfast
and here we are 
at Tamshuai old street
Look at our 'greedy' faces'
Yes, Melvin caught 1 taiwan yellow duck for Cat
and he can't get any for mi and bett....
Still at Tamshuai old street and this hello kitty shop caught we 3 girls attentions
and ya we stay there for quite a long time
plus the sale girl is so friendly and nice
she even ask us to leave our shopping stuffs at the shop even those not from her shop
Address: New Taipei City, Zhongzheng Rd. 101 freshwater 
TEL: 02-2626 1848 
Things to buy
Hello Kitty Sun Cakes
Hello Kitty pineapple tarts
Hello Kitty washabi nut
Hello Kitty charcoal nut
Finally we can check in to our hotel and all of us were so freaking tired
we touched down Taiwan 1 day earlier just for shopping
Ya yay shopping
This is our hotel for 1 night
compared to my past stay at Rainbow hotel
I wun wanna come back here to stay despite the hotel staffs were friendly and nice 
the rooms were not so clean to stay in 
lucky we only stay here for a night
**PS: Please note that they have 2 buildings and not linked to one another though it just 1 building away
worse all 
it's not mentioned anywhere in the website even when we booked through agoda
One of colleague kanna it 
and whoopz... 
I missed out this important food that I miss so much..
Must try this ah zhong mian sian (Ay-chung Flour rice noodle)
It so yummy that I dun mind eating it every day especially on a cold weather
ya... I missing it already
Look at our happy faces 

After this yummy mee sua
we headed to WuFenPu to catch with bett's friends 
we had our dinner at 鬍鬚張*魯肉飯
It not tat fantastic compared to Jin Feng which I had it the last time I'm here in Taiwan
Okay the pork cutlet tasted the best and the corn soup tasted worse 

After dinner, we headed back to Wufenpu 
but quite disappointed 
as it was their cold season
nothing much to shop and buy especially for mi
the girls bought quite alot!
We headed to Raohe Street night market just for PG Mall
and again 
I didn't buy anything 
The crowd was scary enough for us to continue our shopping
Plus we were so freaking tired and shag
Checking out the hotel 
Shopping at XiMengDing before we headed to our next hotel

Sunworld Dynasty hotel
Located near Taipei Arena
Kinda old hotel but clean and I love it with lotsa mirror
After checking in and resting
Headed to another restaurant for our welcome dinner
Mi with my jap colleagues
Dunno which restaurant
All I noe is Serving is huge and interesting
Too bad
I nv tasted any of the food as mostly are raw and weird food
 except for the cheese fish

While others are busying drinking inside
I busy taking photos outside

We had our after party at Spark at Taipei 101 
just opp Ding Tai Feng
110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Shìfǔ Rd, 45號B1
+886 2 8101 8662
My boss
and my colleague, Melvin
okay ya kinda tipsy tipsy!
Supper time!
Instead of going some shop for food, we headed to their 7-11(7-select)
Highly receommended!
Passion fruit Yogurt Green Tea and their pork maggie mee
Yummy yummy yimmy!!!
I remember eating it almost every night 
and I miss it already!
After a long night, last night,we had to wake up super early 
as early as meet up at 8am for 
my group members! 
Great to know them through this trip
* The first 2 photos at 228 peace park
* chiang kai shek memorial hall
*Modern toilet restaurant
*Taipei Arena 

After a long day of running here and there
this is what we looking forward to!
Hello kitty cafe
even though I been here for like 3times
the food taste hai hao but the cutiness is worth visiting
This is Dominic
the guy who accompany us (3 girls) to this cute cafe
Look at his face 
from the food served to he had his first bite to he destroy the hello kitty burger!!!
Next stop
Shilin Night Market
My colleagues 
they really enjoy the hmmm... 
waffles hotdog!
Finally I make up my mind buying this bag from StayReal
same design same bag
I been looking at it for like 3 years and all thanks to my sales team colleagues for their sales talk
super powerful ma
I bought it....!
Again a long night and we had to gather as early as 8am
today schedule   
九份 and 野柳
It gonna be a long day
First stop, 野柳
Due  to bad weather
we had to wear poncho for sightseeing
Lucky in enough, the rain stopped
managed to get to take photos
****Photos over loadness****

Despite the rain
we love the weather!
Next stop 九份
Here the map of 九份
Frankly speaking I dun really know to to read or understand it
but hope this help those who know and wanna go
Kill us...~~~ 
 kill mi please
A berry long way to go
We managed to climb half way through
though it nothing compared to those who climb all the way top
Back at hotel for our company dinner
my regional colleagues, my group mates

Our dinner menu
*dunno wat written right*
scroll down ba
*Yummy over loaded*

Okay it not that great either
Kinda weird stuffs 
only the mini crabs and beehoon still okay
How can we waste our last night?
Thanks Bosssss
Party World
Really an eye opening! Great experience!
It really different from Singapore 
Too bad, didn't manage to take photos of the interior
next time ba! 
Going for the last min shopping 
Oh ya... there's a department store just beside Sunworld Dynasty which we didn't even bother to walk in... Thanks to Dom wahaha....
Gathering @ 1130 and we are out at 10 just to find Dom's gf stuffs
but not only we didn't get any for his gf
we end up getting one Melissa each and we are almost late for our bus 
Waiting to board the plane
ya already missing it 
Encounter the worse turbulence ever
Half an hr of turbulence is really killing us
Lucky enough, all of us were so freaking tired and knocked off right before it took off
Overall, it is a great fantastic experience 
First company trip
First travelling out of SG with friends
I love Taiwan❤
and I will be back in Apr soon
Finally updated my Taiwan post

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