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Friday, September 21, 2007

It's Friday liao...another week is ending soon liao...
i'm changing my place in my office liao but dunno when,
but if change i cannot update my blog so often liao.
Anyway i didn't write much often liao coz my new GM alway hang around outside lor,
somemore the main door now no more sound liao so i dunno whether got ppl come in stand behind mi anot lor.
Tis few days at work reali busy sia been going off work after 530,yesterday even 6 den leave office But i still ok with all the work as i prefer myself busy den hanging around nothing to do lor.
I juz love my work so far lor,i'm starting to get around with my colleagues.
Next Saturday going to Sentosa coz we got free tickets to song of the sea,
but of coz the rest we got to pay ourselves lor.
Yesterday,i saw him,Duan Dian,my prince wil noe who...
but i'm not tat sure as i onli had a glance,and next station i change my standing place,
coz i juz dun wan to see him if tat is him...
of coz i told my bendan even though i noe he sure jealous but beta den i keep the secret,
i feel so weird without telling him..
Dear,it's already past liao i dun wish u keep clinging on it though u nv show out la but i juz dun like it,if u going to be like tat next time i dun wan to tell u anything liao huh...
i juz wanna be honest not wan u to be jealous or anything my Dear..
By now u should noe my feeling and who i love rite,
sound mushy but it's true.
I already forget everything tat past liao
even about my idiot mum tingy which u ask mi to do so..
so u should oso rite...
u are my love,and onli 1...rem..
we still wanna build up our family hee...
i change so much for u,u can see it rite...so u beta change yrself too..if not i run aaway den u noe.
yr temper especially...and of coz yr laziness huh..
No matter wat...
...i love u...

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