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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yeah...been updating my blog and seeing my blog den i realise i onli have so few link sia...too bad most of my frenz dun have blog or they dun blog here but onli at friendster there so haha...
Currently mi now eating snake typing my blog lor...hopefully my GM wun saw as he now having meeting inside the meeting room and it's juz behind mi lor..See how daring i am..wahaha...Today we have our new GM here,he's from jap i tink,he look so fierce sia...He called everyone,one by one to his room to chat,i mean noe more us lo so haha i'm the first 1 in there as i'm new here lo...still ok but nervous ,he can see from my face too but he say it's normal as i'm still new but he hope i can have more confident in myself and my work...
Yesterday,we went had a farewell seafood dinner for our old GM...It's so so delicous but expensive too lucky it's not for us to pay if not i sure got a big hole in my pocket sia...wahaha...i dun mind going there to eat again but not i pay la of coz if not i wun go there eat de for sure sia...I love the lobster salad most sia,the butter prawn and crabbie it's still okay la,maybe after my bendan parents bring mi go eat black pepper crabbie tat time,i'm hook...so last nitez is chilli crabbies so i onli eat 1 haha...i still prefer my Xiao gu cook 1,is the best of the best man... today i dun wan to go anywhere liao coz i wanna go home watch tv haha best show sia the 9pm show so for the next few week i will be hm by 9,nono is 8 coz i need to bath sia...so tuesday no swimming liao for mi...hee...can slack first..haha

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