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Monday, September 24, 2007

*Shopping Times*
Saturday after work meet my bendan go Marina Square walk walk,eat eat...
We went to eat at my favourite place...
Sakae Sushi!!!
Yeah...It's berry expensive but lucky i got VIP card and den they send mi a birthday voucher..
so we juz pay like $9 plus onli...good rite..
After eating we went shopping,actually it suppose to be window shopping coz we already over our spending budget
but in the end i went in a shop den bought a blouse which cost mi $45.90
but i like berry much..
Plus size fashion
Oh i bought my blouse over tis shop...
The sale in charge,i dunno whether she is the boss or wat,
but she reali welcome mi and my bendan..
I try alot of her blouses and even a pant,hee try till i paiseh liao lor
in the end i onli bought 1 blouse yet she still smile and chat around with mi..
I feel berry welcome..
I love the shop too..
I have another new place to shop at least got my size...
Hey pluz size frenz,
now dun have to worry abt no nice clothes to wear liao...try out tis shop..
It's onli set up 3 week ago so not much choices but the ladies over there told mi there's more design coming out...
So check it out !
I join my bendan to his sec frenz birthday chalet..
abit shy la so didn't reali hang around much somemore onli 1 ger the rest all guys so didn't reali talk much with the guys except for the ger whose bf i noe..
It's a small small world..
Of coz the birthday ger not onli i invite her sec frenz but all her frenz
so it's like a berry big bunch man...
Kind of 'xian mu' her
coz tis year i dun reali celebrate my birthday hee
onli invited a few,mostly all my bendan frenz...since we celebrate on his birthday,
which is 1 day later den mi..
but i'm content liao coz i finally get to celebrate with my daddy,xiao gu all..
of coz my bendan la...
if not later she jealous again saying i nv put his name...
no la..
i reali had a wonderful times..


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