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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I went for an interview today,my prince charming accompany mi go.She waited outside for mi of course.Thank Charming!But too bad,my interview not very successful.I didn't answer the interviewer well.I'm too nervous and mess up everything.Super upset.Lucky I'm not alone,Thank Babe once again.After interview,of coz go had lunch at Tampines.Pity my Prince alway got to accompany me go wherever i want to go.But she always never give much personal idea.She always so gives in to mi Thank Babe again and again.Finally it's my turn to treat her makan.Sorry hope u don't mind cheap food as u alway treat mi with good food.Thank for the Drink today too.Sorry should be i treat u drink too but don't forget yr birthday treat hee.Of course a big surprise waiting for u at my house le.

Do i write my blog nice and good?Copy my Prince wrote her blog

Suddenly miss school life,really feel like going back school.Finding jobs,interview, stress,no money all sort of stuff make mi headache and stress and...I know my dad will sponsor mi with my study and wish i get a good certificate but the costs make my heart pain like hell.somebody help mi.Thinking to go back ITE further study in fact I really wish to study Poly higher nitec will be my best choice.Any advise???My bendan,of course wish i go study private,dun waste time,study finish find a good job but I really dunno.My path is still blur in front of mi for the past 7months.What should i do?


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