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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Learn something new today,though it's nothing much but to mi at least I'm 1 step higher from computer idiot.As u all can see from my blog,i add a playlist in my blog though it abit not match my blog colour.I already try wanna change my blog template but can't find something nice but overall i still love it.Hope u guys will love it too!

I'm all alone at Bendan hse again.My Bendan of course got to go back camp,his bro in sch dunno what time come hm,his grandma at hospital so....It's been almost 2 week plus I never go home stay le kind of weird but at least at his house there's no way for mi to slack around be lazy though sometime reali get berry tired but that really boost up mi.Same thing later still got to sweep and mop the floor and fold clothes and even iron clothes.When I at home,where got so hardworking.Actually by rite sweep and mop the floor is not reali i much do but sometime his bro kind of step on my head lor anyway he step on every head in the family.but i know he's tired as the whole day been in school but he should oso think tat not onli he tired every 1 in the house are tired.Need to go work and so on.Ron,if u happen to read tis dun get mad,Jie oso wish u will tink for other,dun alway so stubborn not berry good.Household ting much share share do.Aiya my bendan oso another lazy stubborn 1,same as his bro tat y they are bro.And alway because they both are stubborn,they alway quarrel but alway get back soon.Bendan,it's been a year yet u still haven't change much of yr temper.I know u trying yr best le but because of work u back the same self again and again.At time I'm really berry angry and upset but i still love u more than every day.Dunno why u keep asking mi do i regret being with u as u no money,hot temper and so on.... Do i let u dun have the trust on mi? Money we can slowly earn,i can buy lesser thing, eat at food court dun need goody food,hot temper...if i can change for u,i dun see the reason y u cannot do the same thing.but remember u are not alone.Whatever stuff,please tell mi,we will sort every thing out together.Understand.......

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