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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tml is my 21st birthday le,celebrating at Aloha Loyang Chalet.Tis year mine birthday is kinda quiet and low profile. Maybe becoz I'm getting old le or maybe becoz tis year chalet is my bendan's parents pay for the chalet so kinda paisey if i invite too many frenz. So i invited onli my close buddies and my Prince lor and of coz my family.

Yesterday went celebrate my birthday at bugis Seoul Garden with my ITE buddies.Though we alway celebrate birthday either at Seoul or at marina south there but everything was so great.I love gathering with frenz but i nv had a butch of good buddies till i met tis butch of nuisance--Enjing,Kaijie,Alvin,Alan and Annie.Though onli Annie make effort to go buy my present but i'm already berry happy to see u guys come.Thank Alvin for yr ten bucks.Hey buddies,our this already kick out some frenz le but i reali hope our this friendship will carry on.Free time jio go out la okay.Miss going K,playing pool,hanging out at north point,miss chicken rice and wanton noodles and so on.

Most importantly.....
My Bendan Baobei..
He bought mi a DS lite pink colour de.Tat DS cost him $350.It's the best birthday i ever receive till tis year... I was so shock,so heart-pain and so happy and excited lor and even burst out in tear last nitez when i receive the present from him.Nono is when i play hide and seek with him. Sorry Bendan...I'm not a understanding baobei and i noe i didn't pay much attention on u.I mean compare to u la coz at time i oso berry good de hor.Sorry Bendan tat i always throw temper but i reali change alot le mar.Am i rite? Onli at time,i still dunno anything i juz get piss off den haha scold u lor.Thank for being a great baobei and i will treasure u for sure.
I love u!
Will u marry mi?hee...


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