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Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm alway late to update my blog lor...haha coz lazy mar lucky not much ppl noe hee..
Saturday went for the NDP preview...super hot lor kinda regret going lor...coz it's preview not much firework somemore my camera and my phone low batt so didn't take much photo...prehap i enjoy much is the f16 and dunno wat fly by de...and of coz firework though it onli abit haha...throughout the show we listen more den we see coz the whole stage so far out lor even we sit in front oso cannot seeoverall the whole program was not bad la...

after the show we went to the Marina Square food court eat...met a idiot guy who snatch table from us...somemore pretend nv see us...ass lor...wat worse when we gotta a place the cleaner there even say mi lor..when i already give place to her lor...she nv ask the lady behind mi to give place lor...hello!!! who she tink she is...i noe werking is tough but can't she be more friendly...spoilt my mood of the day...


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